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You have what you need to heal, and I can help you access it. 

Common Reasons People Come to Therapy 

  • To treat depression, anxiety and other symptoms of that affect your mental health

  • To increase self-worth and let go of the belief that you are “not enough”​

  • To reduce numbing behaviours (drinking, drugs, self harm, over-eating and all forms of avoiding painful emotions)

  • To heal grief over deaths, losses, endings and life transitions

  • To deal with burn out, workaholism and find the elusive work/life balance

  • To soothe physical pain with compassion

  • To increase motivation to make a change that is important to you

  • To get a handle on perfectionism and procrastination​

  • To manage stress and regulate emotions

  • To build the resilience to pick yourself up when life knocks you down

  • To create and nurture healthy relationships with partners, friends, family and, most importantly, yourself.

We heal in connection.  


We live in a world that is constantly triggering our treat-defense systems.  If you’ve experienced trauma or difficult circumstances this may happen even more frequently for you.  But we all have wounds that come from being human, and we have all found ways to protect ourselves from the pain these wounds cause.  


Maybe the way that you’re coping is causing you problems and you would like to change.  


Therapy isn’t about pathologizing your wounds or how you’ve been coping so far.  It’s about healing.  Fortunately in addition to our threat-defense system we also have a care-system.  When the care system is activated, oxytocin and endorphins are released, which helps to reduce stress and increase feelings of safety and security.  My hope is that you feel a compassionate presence when you work with me, because it's the space in which healing can occur.  We will work together, at your pace, on your goals, exploring how to access your own self-compassion to also activate this care-system so that you can live a life you love. 

You are a complex human being and one size does not fit all. For this reason I offer a variety of evidence based approaches. 
Clearly, psychotherapy LOVES acronyms.  Click to read more about each modality if it interests you.  
But don't worry if you don't know which approach will work best for you, we can figure that out together. 

Ready to Book A Session? 

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