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Oct 10 -Nov 20, 2022 ONLINE 

April 24- June 4, 2022 ONLINE

May 18-19, 2022 9 -4pm


Concurrent Disorders 

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Individuals with substance use disorders are three times more likely to experience mental health issues in their lifetime. Similarly, individuals with mental health disorders are 20-50% more likely to experience substance use disorders. As a result of these significant rates, it is imperative to gain an understanding of the unique ways mental health and substance use co-occur and explore the unique challenges that individuals with concurrent disorders face in order to provide effective treatment.


This course examines the interplay of mental health disorders and substance abuse, with a focus on assisting participants in developing an increased awareness of concurrent disorders including how they are understood and detected, as well as which therapeutic approaches are best suited to effective treatment.​

Learning Objectives

  • Examine theory, assessment, and intervention commonly used to address concurrent disorders.

  • Review which mental health disorders have a strong co-morbidity with various addiction concerns.

  • Explore best practices in working with concurrent disorders.

  • Recognize the ways in which concurrent disorders impact vulnerable groups.

  • Increase awareness of oppression and stigma experienced by individuals/families living with concurrent disorders.

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