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All Parts Welcome

This is an ongoing weekly drop in group to speak for your parts. 

Open to past and current IFS clients (folks who've done 'parts work' with Melissa)  

The best and most consistent predictor of long and happy lives is

social connection. 


But over the years I’ve heard an increasing number of clients share how lonely they feel.  

And this isn’t limited to the therapy room.  A study conducted by YMCA WorkWell found that 70% of our community felt lonelier than normal during COVID-19. 


We need connections where we feel safe. 

We need communities where we feel like we belong. 

This group is a place where you can speak for all of your parts. 


Starting fall 2022, this group will be a place to gather with other folks who are dedicated to getting to know their own internal systems.  Together we will hold Self-energy and offer each other compassionate curiosity as we deepen our self-awareness. Members of this community are invited to share their experiences and with the support of the group better understand their protectors while also listening for vulnerable parts with stories to tell. 


If the idea of gathering in community with others who are interested in cultivating a more compassionate way of relating both to themselves (the internal system) and the world around them (the external system), then I officially invite you to join us.   


This group is FREE. 

Group size will be kept small.  Max 8 participants. Spots are available on a first come, first serve weekly basis.


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