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Sat on the Rocks


The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought- provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential."​

​Coaching for Peak Performance


All too often, we find ourselves rushing from client- to- client, meeting- to- meeting or crisis- to- crisis. 

Coaching is an opportunity to slow down and check in with yourself.  It can help you effectively leverage your strengths and increase your own self awareness.  With self-leadership, you will learn to access your clarity moving you from the habitual patterns of autopilot, into more intentional decision making.  

  • Values. What's important to me? What brings out my best self?

  • Vision. How do I want to grow? What do I want to create for myself?

  • Competency. What do I bring to the table? What value do I have, and how should this grow over time? What do I need to get to the next level?

  • Relationships. Who’s supporting me? Who gives me resilience and validation?  Who can I learn from?

Whether you are a people leader, managing a classroom, a budding entrepreneur or navigating your way within a large organization, consider coaching for your next step in professional development.  

Rock Balancing

  • Increased feelings of emotional exhaustion where you feel you have nothing left to give

  • Depersonalisation where you might find yourself responding to persistent stress by developing negative, cynical attitudes and feelings about your clients

  • Reduced personal accomplishment where you start to view your work negatively and feel dissatisfied with your accomplishments

Signs of Burnout:​

Coaching for Helping Professionals 
Working in the field of mental health and addiction is often deeply rewarding, but it can be challenging at times as well. We are faced with complex cases, broken systems and stories that pull at our heart strings. Burnout out, secondary trauma and empathy fatigue are all too common in this field of work.
Sometimes the parts of ourselves that make us very good at our jobs, can be overused to the point where they become problematic.  Perhaps the part of you that loves learning insists on taking a few more trainings before it tries out that new intervention, or that caretaker part overextends you on a regularly basis in order to fit in a few more clients or that wonderful problem solving part puts a lot of pressure on you to have all the answers.  Unlike traditional supervision, coaching helps to increase your self-awareness and engage with your work from a place of confidence, creativity, connectedness and compassion. 


Coaching provides the space needed to access the resilience to sustainably do the work you love.   


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