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Beyond Burnout

7 Week Coaching Program

for high performers and helping professionals


Have you found it harder to motivate yourself lately and dread going to work on Monday? Are you trying to do more and more, but actually getting less done? Or perhaps you feel like you’re going through the motions of your day with less joy and fulfillment? Maybe there’s even a part of you that recognizes you’ve got something cool to offer the world, if only you could stop doom scrolling long enough to take action on it.  


Chances are you’re experiencing burnout. 


And what if I told you that there was a sustainable way to keep doing the work you love to do, and a better way to manage chronic stressors? A way that helps you feel more grounded, connected and clear on your purpose in life.  Would you be interested in that? 


With trauma-informed, cutting edge neuroscience, we can get clear on recognizing your own signs of burnout so that you can prevent (or recover from) it. With a self compassionate approach you’ll discover a path forward that allows you to thrive in your career with the ease you’ve been searching for.

Coming Soon 

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