While the world is focused on protecting our physical health during COVID-19,
we also need to pay attention to our mental health and wellness. 
I am continuing to offer online services while we ride out this pandemic together.  



Social Worker, Psychotherapist Professional Coach

Mental health exists along a continuum with mental illness on one end and mental health on the other.  I work with people anywhere along this continuum to accomplish more than simply managing their symptoms. I want to help you to find the courage to live a life you love!

My Approach

Specialize in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 
Individual Therapy for adults (18+ years)
Located in Kitchener- Waterloo with an extended reach through e-counselling

People come to therapy for a lot of reasons.  

Here are some of the most common themes I work with:


  • To treat depression, anxiety and other symptoms of mental illness

  • To increase self-worth and challenge the belief that you are “not enough”

  • To reduce numbing behaviours (drinking, drugs, self harm, over-eating and all forms of avoiding painful emotions)

  • To heal grief over deaths, losses, endings and life transitions

  • To deal with burn out, workaholism and find the elusive work/life balance

  • To soothe physical pain with compassion

  • To increase motivation to make a change that is important to you

  • To get a handle on perfectionism and procrastination

  • To manage stress and regulate emotions

  • To build the resilience to pick yourself up when life knocks you down

  • To create and nurture healthy relationships with partners, friends, family and, most importantly, yourself.


Contact Me

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Use the contact form below to send me a message.  I will do my best to get back to you within 2 business days.  If you'd prefer to speak to me directly, please leave me a phone number and time you're available to chat.  

If you are in crisis or require immediate assistance, please contact HERE 24/7 (1-844-437-3247), 911 or visit the Emergency Department of the nearest hospital.

Email: info@melissapyne.com

Tel: 519-807-3263